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Our goal at First Group has always been to create value for our stakeholders during every phase during the company growth. While FG is evolving, we have followed a disciplined approach to growth, focusing our efforts & deploying our capital in real estate development. Serving our customers and residence on a national basis to create a unique competitive edge to our customers.
First Group is an experienced player in real estate development since 2002, and our projects quality located us to capitalize on growth opportunities today and in the future.
We are devoted to providing value through innovative real estate developments, customized homes committing to high quality standards, upon which we have built our integrity. Our philosophy is to do not only buildings and places, but we value added experiences for our customers.
First Group core business is to make land acquisition and craft the development process. For us, having a highly stable and predictable revenue stream takes away much of the cyclicality faced by others in the real estate industry, while still providing abundant growth opportunities. With a huge land bank of residential & commercial real estate under planning and development, FG is set to become one of the fast-growing Egyptian real estate firms. This position enables us to leverage our scale with our ultimate goal always remaining to create value for our clients.
Eng/ Basheer Moustafa



To be experts in the real estate market: always dependable for investors to maximize their returns, and continuously reliable for customers to elevate their standard of living.




Our goal is to be a leader in Egyptian real estate development and investment, relentlessly evolving and adapting to meet ever-changing industry and customer needs.


Company Brief

First Group is a leading Egyptian real estate corporate that develops distinctive, valuable, and dynamic projects in different areas of Egypt since our start in 2002.

FG provides more than just properties, we aim to establish a strong and active residential community. As a subsidiary of First Group, we are constructing and design selective projects that offer valuable homes and a gratifying lifestyle aligned with our customer needs.

Our developments range from mixed use malls and shopping centers, mixed use commercial malls, residential compounds and second home projects in North coast and Sokhna soon . In every project, FG ensures worthy developments with livable designs and a warm, vibrant community.

, from 2011 we operate in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Golden Integrated Company for Construction .

Integrity and Honesty

At First Group, we are committed to always conducting our business with integrity and honesty.

We pride ourselves for holding each and every member of the First Group team responsible to adhering to the highest standards of ethics and morality, in both our personal and professional dealings.

We are never willing to compromise on the company’s values and principles in any action or decision taken.


We know that customer experience is at the core of our business.

That’s why we always strive for nothing less than excellence in providing quality services and going the extra mile for each customer.


We believe trust begins with transparency. And to build long-lasting relationships based on trust with our customers and team members alike, we have created an environment of openness to ensure company, client, and employee strategic goals are aligned.


An environment where our team members, customers, partners, and suppliers recognize the importance of diversity and continuously treat each other with mutual respect is one where relationships can truly thrive.

That’s why, at First Group, we commit ourselves to upholding our values at every step of the way.